Learn How To Make a Website Using Drupal – BASIC VERSION


Video 1: What is Drupal?
This video contains a brief introduction tutorial about Drupal and how it is used today to power high traffic websites. Drupal is the best Content Management System I have seen in the past 10 years!

The Economist, The Whitehouse, The Examiner…are some examples of the 700,000 + websites using Drupal! Its a secure Content Management System!

Additionally, Adding special features to your website is possible with Drupal. These special features are called modules.
Examples of special website features are: blogs, newsletter, forum, search engine friendly links, web forms and more. There are over 5000 features in Drupal, but you cannot use them unless you know the basics.

Video 2: A One-Click Drupal Site Install

Learn How to Install a Drupal site in minutes, with no hassles, no web expert help needed.
You can do this! These videos are not using localhost [local computer]. You can create the site online immediately.

Create one folder as the "test" site if you wish.
[localhost, creating mysql database, local server installation is included in the Advanced Video Series]

There is an extra bonus video for people who want to understand what registration and website hosting mean, and the best hosting and hosting I recommend.
I made this video last because I realized that there are some people that have a hard time just picking a good hosting company to go with.

For the sake of the Basic Videos Tutorial Series, we used a live test site
So if I wanted to create a basic test area, I could (if I wanted to), do a Drupal site installation in my test folder a place where I can play around with site features, or test things out before implementing them in the live site.
For the sake of the tutorial series, we use the "recipe" folder as the live site.

Example: www.websitename.com/test

Example: www.websitename.com/recipes – and the drupal installation is in the "recipes" folder

Alternatively, if you like, you can install Drupal in the root (ie: no folder)

Video 3. Creating Basic Content For Your Drupal Site
Learn how to create basic pages to power your site. Content type "Page".
Getting rid of the Drupal Welcome/Administration screen, and adding your first page.

Video 4. Drupal Administration
The more time you spend with the Administration area of your Drupal site, the easier it will become to familiarize your self with where everything is.

Video 5. Drupal Basic Site Information – Adding a Logo, Theme Basics

Video 6. Exploring Drupal Themes
Installing a Theme to the Drupal Site.
We will successfully install a powerful theme for the Drupal Site which allows for complex functionality.

Video 7. Organized Menus using Drupal Taxonomy
Want Drop Down menus and navigation? Want to organize your content nicely? This video has it all!

Video 8. Drupal Modules
Learn How to Install Drupal Modules on your site, enable them. This video will show a basic module installed on your site. You can try out other modules, but this video shows the process of installing a module easily.

Video 9. The Reports and Performance area of Drupal's Administration.
You could technically skip this watching this video if you are in a hurry. But, it does offer important insight on the functioning of your site. You can come back to this video and watch it last (after watching the other videos and your site is already completed).

Video 10. Site Users and Permissions - This video will show you how to grant permissions to a website contributor.
You want to own the site, but you don't want to be the only one working on it. You can hire a content writer (site contributor) to add some content to the site. The content will not go live unless you approve it.
Its a great way to give control without losing control of your site content.

Video 11. Drupal's Website Contact Form - Every professional website needs a Contact Form. Get A Contact Form for your Drupal website set up in minutes! Very similar to the contact form you see on this website! Simple, Quick! Did I already mention that you DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANY PROGRAMMING to build out your first Basic Drupal Site?

Video 12. Poormanscron – Its like air, you need to breathe it, but you can't see it. Cron is a set of processes that run the background. Even though you cannot see the direct impact of having this module run, it is still important to effectlively run your site. It is essential to have Cron running to have your site run smoothly. In about 5 minutes, get this done!

Bonus Chapters:

Video 13: Adding Custom Banners to your site
I have also included the Blank Banner Image in a Bonus Folder, so if you don't have time to use Custom Graphics, you can basically just use this images, and use Text to power your site header until you get time to work on custom graphic design separately.
(Video 15: Will give you some recommendations on where to get some professional quality graphics for ultra cheap, best hosting options etc.)

Video 14: Adding a Search Box
Learn how to quickly and easily add search functionality to your site, so site visitors can look for information they need quickly.

Video 15: Final Thoughts and Recommendations
The whole purpose of this tutorial series is to make things SIMPLE! That is the guarantee. And to enjoy the process because you get nice high quality videos that are short and to the point. I have been doing this for a long time. Website design development, etc. I have been through the painful process of making the wrong choices before I made the right ones. I have some recommendations to make. Watch this video if you would like to learn more!

Video 16: Basic Web Terminology
If you are absolutely new to website design, and want to grasp the concept of website registration and hosting, this video is for you.
If you are absolutely super new to creating your first website, you must get an understanding of some basic concepts. I could have put this video first. I included it as a Bonus Video just in case.

The thing is Drupal CMS is an advanced topic. At first I thought that including a basic concepts video might be annoying to some, if you know this skip ahead. If you are a TOTAL NEWBIE, Video 16 might be the first video you want to watch!

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