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Website Analytics Consulting - using Google Analytics

What is the importance of Website Analytics?

The term “website analytics” has emerged to great prominence over the past few years. Some may not be completely aware of the importance of website analytics and this is unfortunate because the value of analytic software is a significantly helpful. Why is this so? The reason is that website analytics will provide clear and detailed information as to how the website is performing on the internet. If you want a precise delineation of the website’s stats, such analytics software will provide all needed definitive answers.

Basically, website analytics systems will provide detailed reports of website traffic, which search engines the traffic is coming from, what countries the visitors are from, how long they are staying on the website, any direct links which are being employed to visit the site, and a great deal more analytical information. Even the time of the day the bulk of the traffic is arriving can be presented.

For some, this may be considered information overload and that is a good thing. By being able to compile all the data from the website analytics programs, it can be possible to make the adjustments needed to improve the success potential of the website. Without the analytics program, mostly all improvement strategies would be little more than guesswork.

What are good examples of Website Analytics Softwares?

Not all website analytics software programs are the same. Some may perform better than others and some simply may operate in a different manner. The key is to purchase the proper website analytics software for your needs. For those wondering what types of website analytics software programs are best for them, the following chart may prove helpful:


Name Cost   Complex Installation Accuracy

Google Analytics
Free   No High
AWStats Free   No Very Good
PiWiki Free   Yes Very Good

Of course, there are several other software programs available on the market. New ones are developed each and every day. This is a positive thing since the more developments are produced, the more advancement will be achieved in terms of the performance of the analytics programs. This means easier to operate programs known for delivering accurate reports.

Since many of the website analytics software programs are available on the market are free, it may be best to utilize more than one. This way, you can clearly ascertain which program is best for your own individual needs. Some may find one program to be excellent while another person may not be all that fond of the system. Employing a little “trial and error” with the free programs may lead to making an accurate determination regarding which program is the best one to use.

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