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Javascript | AJAX [definition]

Ajax (shorthand for asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

"After years of using AJAX technology, it is safe to conclude that a web site should use it as part of the experience, and not the whole experience"


Pros and Cons of using AJAX: [see basic examples below]

AJAX has been around for a time, however it has only recently gained increasing popularity.  With AJAX you can create interactive web applications using a combination of JavaScript, XML and XHTML, which makes web pages feel faster because some of the data is exchanged with the server creating an interactive experience for the end user while optimizing speed and use


  • Better User Experience – The main advantage of AJAX programming is the cool attractive interface it provides. People relate their experience with AJAX web pages to be more like an interactive application than a standard web page.
  • Accessibility and Flexibility – Web applications that use AJAX eliminate the need to update your software regularly. The software is updated on the server side and display the most recent update of any program to the public.
  • Low Bandwidth Usage – Less data is coming from the server, which makes an AJAX web page seem to load much quicker.
  • Cross Platform Complatible – Developer do not need to have to develop their software for every single platform. For people accessing the page, they can use a Mac or a PC.
  • AJAX is the FUTURE – Well, actually sort of!  With companies like Google using AJAX for Google Maps, or Gmail, AJAX is all about "web 2.0" user interaction!



  • The infamous BACK button!  If you use for example tabs, it feels like your BACK button is disabled, there are ways to over ride this, but its good to question whether the time it will take to do that is worth it, or if there is another better way to display data on the web page.
  • AJAX w/ JavaScript – Some thing to consider is that it is not that search engine friendly and information displayed may render differently across different browsers. 


Example of jQuery/AJAX/javascript in action: 

1. The Datepicker

2. Other Pretty Cool Effects


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