I am so glad I chose Ramona to design my web site. Her work is outstanding! She listens carefully to what I want. She is personable and makes the process easy. She ultimately creates a beautiful finished product. I am so satisfied with her work that I will choose her for other design services. I highly recommend her!

- Sandra Amat, sandraamat.com

Quick and Easy - Convert Designs into XHTML CSS

Use Adobe Photoshop or [Open Source] Gimp Software to create your design.

Then, send it to RamonaWorks for a complete transformation into XHTML compliant CSS!

[ See Below ] - Reasons why your site should use XHTML CSS and steer away from tables!

Thats right!


Reasons why <TABLE> tags are better than <DIV> tags.

1. XHTML CSS is more search engine friendly!

2. Faster Page loading.

3. CSS has more accessibility features.

4. It is more efficient to use CSS, faster style sheet updates, means quick site wide updates.

5. CSS emphasizes separating content from visual information. That also means you can create more complex designs while keeping content updates separate. This also means it is easier to manage and maintain daily site updates:

The Graphic Design team creates the design.

The Web Team can convert those designs into valid XHTML CSS

The Marketing Team can always make content updates easily without affecting design.

6. Reason 5 also illustrates that it is less expensive to redesign while keeping efficiency high!

7. No more annoying spacer gifs!

8. Hosting costs are obviously lower with smaller file sizes.


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