I am so glad I chose Ramona to design my web site. Her work is outstanding! She listens carefully to what I want. She is personable and makes the process easy. She ultimately creates a beautiful finished product. I am so satisfied with her work that I will choose her for other design services. I highly recommend her!

- Sandra Amat, sandraamat.com

Web Site Design and Development - Creative Process

Creative Planning Process


If you were going to create a movie, you would have to write out a script, or a story board.  Similarly, in planning out a web site, adequate planning is required.  This is the idea stage.  At this stage, you want to think of all the possibilities.  What would you create if time and money were not an issue.  The IDEA stage!

Then, you develop those IDEAS into a timeline.  Website Wireframes are extremely helpful in strategic planning of a site.  What do you want your web site to do for you, What message will you communicate.  What will the Customer Experience be?  The User Interaction Experience? 


Create A Plan to meet the above objectives in the most effective manner.
Examples include: Choosing the right technology to meet the above objectives, like the right Content Management System, or choosing whether to create/include Flash technology or not.

Production Stage : Design and Development


Create the Look and Feel of the site, the style you are going for that matches your primary objectives from the planning stage incorporating branding materials like logos, company products etc.


Examples include:  Writing code for the above created design.  Creating Animation in the case of a Flash based site, Producing Audio.

Pre - Deployment Staging

Any last minute changes to content, minor tweaks etc.

Final Production - Delivery of Final Product!

Analytics (Optional: Depends on Website Goals)

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