Portfolio: Client Work — Charles Schwab

2016 Deliverables:

  • Local Marketing Portal - with custom features and reusable components for marketing event driven templates, custom designed mega menu.
  • Visual design mockups, ideation and front-end development including but not limited to sliced and optimized images, page optimization, created highly customized pages with reusable components.
  • Partnered with UX team for wireframes, provided optional ux flows and iterations.

2015 Deliverables:

Project: Advisor Services, ISRM, Analytics and Business Insights ABI.

  • Photoshop mockups.

2014 Deliverables:

Projects: Powering Appreciation, Leading Appreciation, Real Estate Plans, Investor Services and CS&S, The Schwab Story: Investing Matters micro site.

  • Photoshop mockups, user experience flows.
  • Website production for the above intranet portals.

2013 Deliverables:

Projects: Schwab Story, Schwab History Celebrating 40 years, S&C Portal.

  • Created site layouts consistent with Own Your Tomorrow brand.

2012 Deliverables:

Projects: New Health HSA Project.

  • Multiple updates, Megamenus - Implemented Optimal Site IA.
  • Documentation and development process.

2011 Deliverables:

Projects: Designed Schwab's Independent Branch Services, Branch Leaders Consumer Facing Product.

  • Produced a new Charles Schwab website to support the sales, marketing, servicing and compliance needs of the independent broker franchise network.
  • Partnered with product team on UX scenarios and photoshop mockups pre-development.
  • Additional Support for - Options Xpress, Initiative Watch project.

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