About Ramona & Whats New?

About Ramona:

Hi, I’m Ramona.

Creating world class digital products using technology is what I am most passionate about.    Coming from a design and finance background, I do believe it is possible to create high quality products that look good and perform extremely well.  Let’s create something amazing!

Whats New: 

  • 10/10/2017  to 10/12/2017: Went to GitHub Universe
  • 9/10/2017 : Top 5 finalist for IBM/MobileMonday’s hackathon cloud app “Connect Bot“.  It was my first time competing in a hackathon and we barely had a day to come up with an idea and execute on it. It was a lot of fun.
  • 08/2017: Jenkins World 2017:  Why? Because as a front end dev, I got to become familiar with the continuous integration principle to automate delivery of front end apps, including automated tests and automating the release process as well.  As a front end dev, just can’t have the components you release cause conflicts with existing modules that are released.

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