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Solution Guide – for Cisco Systems

Even though Smart Software Licensing was available, the benefits of moving from pak licensing to smart software licensing wasn’t clear.
After listening to project stakeholders, we realized that it was because there wasn’t a separate platform to clearly articulate the benefits of software licensing.

Simplified the licensing experience for Customers and Partners. The solution delivered visibility into license usage and product association all through an easy to use interface Solution Guide.

UI related work – Created the Solution Guide logo, brand merchandise, website, phpbb forum.
UX related work – An entire ecosystem from wire frame to production that provided a 4 fold solution.

ONE: Massive reduction in existing costs, and increased income. (Not permitted to provide exact numbers)
TWO: Clarity in site navigation and content flow to create a simplified experience for a client’s software entitlements.
THREE: Forum will allow for continuous improvement of product. With forum specific sections for each area, issues can be easily converted to solutions and upcoming features.
FOUR: Design Aesthetic, colors that make it easy to identify specific sections related to the product.

Screenshots of sample pages